Cabin Fever

Keeping spirits up during isolation

Cabin Fever

Keeping spirits up during isolation


Tuesday 14th April

Think of an animal beginning with every letter of your name

Make your bed

Monday 13th April

Do 1000 steps: It's probably a good idea to work off some of that chocolate from yesterday 

Eat some fruit and/or vegetables: It's probably good to try to balance out the chocolate-loaded diet too

Sunday 12th April - Happy Easter!

Pig out!: Today is one of the days when it's acceptable to eat as much as is humanly possible, so have at it! 

Make your bed

Saturday 11th April

Spend some time outside: With the weather as lovely as it is, spending time in the fresh air can do wonders for your mental health. Whether you go for a walk or read a book in the garden, just make sure you get some time outside. But be safe!

Ring a friend or family member: It takes a bit more effort to keep in touch with loved ones at the moment, but reaching out will make you, and the person you've called, feel better!

Friday 10th April

Eat at least one piece of fruit or veg

Draw a picture 

Thursday 9th April

Keep a tah-dah list: You will be surprised at how much more motivated you are when you can show off a good tah-dah list 

Listen to some of the music from my Boredom Busting Music blog: Trust me, it's good!

Wednesday 8th April

Read ten pages of a book: It can be ten more pages of your current book, or a whole new one, as long as you get reading! 

Reconnect with an old friend: With much fewer distractions than usual, this is the perfect time to ring or message an old friend. Maybe someone from your childhood, or someone than you have fallen out of touch with, but you may find you have a lot more to talk about than you thought!

Tuesday 7th April

As a celebration of our two week lockdown anniversary, have a day off from daily goals!

Monday 6th April

Eat at least two pieces of fruit or veg

Dust at least one room in your house

Sunday 5th April

Get dressed: I spend most of my life in my pjs anyway so, truth be told I have spent pretty much all of the last two weeks in them. But today, if only for one day, we all need to get dressed and act like normal people!

Eat something new: Be it a new cereal, soup or a whole new dinner, it's the day to be adventurous!