Cabin Fever

Keeping spirits up during isolation

Cabin Fever

Keeping spirits up during isolation


Friday 3rd April - Would You Rather...?

Here are a few Would You Rathers to hopefully keep you entertained for a bit 😊

Would you rather...

... live your life as a fork or a spoon?

... have the skills of a ninja or of a fighter pilot?

... spend one hour in the Batmobile or one hour in the Millennium Falcon?

... be rescued by Superman or by Thor?

... be stuck in a warzone with Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) or Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)?

... be tone deaf or colourblind?

... have unlimited money or be immortal?

... be able to heal others and not yourself, or be able to heal yourself and not others?

... be able to fly or to breathe underwater?

... live your life in permanent silence or in a constant musical?

... be able to talk to animals or to control the weather?

... never be able to tell the truth or never be able to lie?

... be as strong as a bull or as fast as a cheetah?

... travel to the past or to the future?

... have eyes in the back of your head or perfect night vision?

... own an alicorn (winged horse with a horn) or a dragon?

... have the balance of a cat or the agility of a rabbit?

... wake up being able to speak a new language, or play a new musical instrument?

... be able to cook any meal or fix any object?

... be able to eat unlimited food without getting fat or never have to sleep again?

I don't think Nellie's got the hang of social distancing yet!

Tuesday 31st March - One Week Lockdown Anniversary

Congratulations, you have managed a whole week of government-issued lockdown! Admittedly, it may have felt like a lot longer, but hopefully you have started to settle into it and have developed some form of routine. You may even have managed to have a productive week doing loads of jobs you have been putting off for ages. Or you have just sat back and enjoyed some time at home. 

The reality is that this isolation is going to be going on for many more weeks, and the main thing I am trying to do is pace myself. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Whether you have done everything in the first week or are doing absolutely nothing, the point is that too much of the same thing is boring, so mix it up! 

Luckily, I have this blog, which requires some level of attention every day. I also have pets who require snuggles and care each day. If I look hard enough, there are enough jobs around the house that would allow me to ration at least a day. And I can message a different friend each day. I think you get the point! Take a leaf out of Joey Tribbiani's book (season 5, ep 10) and pace yourself!

Saturday 28th March - My Favourite Boredom Busting Music

There is nothing like a great tune to help relieve boredom, so I've decided to share my favourites! Copy and paste the links to go straight to a YouTube playlist.

Queen: Let's start off with a band who is globally recognised for being awesome! These guys are musical geniuses, and their music is so varied I could listen to them for hours without getting bored. They are perfect for singing along to - anyone who says they haven't tried to sing all of the parts to Bohemian Rhapsody is blatantly lying!

Alestorm: Less well known, but equally fun! These guys are a pirate-themed heavy metal band and, though the lyrics can be touch-and-go at times, the music is amazing. Everyone needs a rockin' sea shanty at times, I know I do!

Shania Twain: I love a bit of Shania, and she is one of my go-tos for a long journey. Turn up the sass to full for Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

AC/DC: These guys are one of my favourite bands in the world and are great for getting spirits up! I wouldn't even be able to narrow down their songs to my top five favourites because I love so many of them!

Shakira: Another lady with a lot of sass! It's impossible to listen to her songs and not find yourself singing along, and they are great to dance to!

Wham!: Who doesn't love a bit of Wham!? So many catchy tunes that could probably see you through the rest of isolation!

Disney: O.K., so this is quite a wide spectrum, which gives you lots to choose from. It's great for both kids and grown ups! Make sure you do all of the quirky voices for maximum fun!

Van Canto: I'm ending this list with a group that I have only recently discovered. They are a metal band, but with a twist - they perform entirely a capella! Their cover of Metallica's Master of Puppets is truly phenomenal, especially when you really zone in on all of the different sounds they can produce. I haven't heard many of their songs, but the ones I have heard are awesome!

Friday 27th March

Mop enjoying her sandpit!

Molly has reached her stair goal for today!

Thursday 26th March - Five Ways to Exercise in Your Home

Even though you are stuck inside for most of the day, there is still plenty you can do to keep active. Exercise is really important, not just for keeping your weight in check but for a whole host of other reasons. It raises the level of endorphins in your brain, which will help to lift your mood and help you to feel good. It reduces your levels of adrenaline which will help to lower feelings of stress and anxiety in this potentially worrying time. It will also help to pass some time and to break up your day! So here are five ways to keep active within your home.

1. Stairs: Going up and down stairs is great exercise, especially for your legs! Do it a speed that you are comfortable with and feel safe doing (please, please don't fall down them!). You don't even have to do a whole flight, repeatedly stepping up and down a single step is also a good workout.

2. Free Weights: There are soooooo many arm exercises you can do with free weights, and you can even incorporate them into other exercises to make a tougher workout. Don't worry about buying any if you don't have them, you can improvise with other household items like tins of beans.

3. Workout Videos: There are loads of workout videos to get you active, and they can be a lot of fun! Look for them online, YouTube will have loads for free, or acquire a DVD if you are a traditionalist. I know I will be dusting off my good ol' Jane Fonda video, leotards and leg warmers are optional!

4. Squats, Sit ups, Crunches etc.: Exercises like these are great for targeting specific parts of your body. You don't have to do millions of them if you aren't feeling up for it, just a few reps can make a difference.

5. Cleaning!: As much as you may not want to do it, cleaning can be a brilliant way to burn calories, plus you get a nice result at the end of it (two birds, one stone!). Hoovering, scrubbing and dusting will keep you active, keep your house clean (which is especially important at the moment) and make your day more productive.

Bonus: Don't forget that you are allowed out once a day for exercise, as long as you are super careful about not coming into contact with anyone. Just a short walk will help give you the change of scenery to help with your mood.

Ready, steady, sweep!

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning! 

So, the news broke last night that the UK is essentially in lockdown. While this seems overwhelming and scary, it is important not to panic. 

You are allowed outside for a limited set of circumstances, and the government and local councils are doing their best to support people in these uncertain times. You will still be able to access healthcare,  and you can go out once a day for exercise. 

I would seriously recommend that you make the most of this second part, especially as the sun will (supposedly!) be out all week! 

Exercise is fantastic for your mental health - it raises endorphins (the feel good hormone), lowers adrenaline (which reduces anxiety) and burns calories (to counteract any boredom and/or comfort eating that may be going on). The sunshine will surely give you a boost too! 

But, as desperate as people are to go outside, the key is to be sensible. The better behaved everyone is during lockdown the sooner it will be over - it is as simple as that! So do your bit to help get everything back to normal. 

I will be doing my bit, along with the awesome People and Animals team, to keep this site as interesting as possible! 

So, remember to look after yourselves, stay safe and visit the 'Useful Contacts ' page if you need more help. 

Most importantly, please remember that we will get through this! Stay as calm as the lovely Cooper below!

Saturday 21st March


This is a welcome blog to introduce you to the site. There is some info in the 'About' section to give you an idea of what to expect. 

The aim of this site is to try to keep the spirits up of those stuck in isolation due to the Coronavirus. I feel it is important to say that I am not trivialising the virus and its impacts. All of us has been affected by it, and many of us have been severely and directly impacted. I simply aim to keep you entertained and fill a bit of time in your day by giving you plenty to do, read and watch. 

The challenges and daily goals will start on Monday - the People and Animals team and I are working hard to come up with lists of things to keep you guys busy! 

I will be typing away to bring you some more content on here as soon as possible. 

We are also building a great collection of animal photos and videos, many of which are the animals at the P&A farm. (In case you are wondering, the handsome chap on the Home page is Gruff, with his roommate Ermil just behind him.)

Watch this space!